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Traffic and content billing

Unispeed traffic and content billing solutions can help service providers capture new revenue streams for a variety of high-value, high-margin content services. Installing a single Netlogger to your network will enable you to make intelligent billing solutions based on any combination of content, download time and volume.

Unispeed billing solutions allows you to collect billing information from any size network and still have the data delivered to a single point.

Netlogger precisely detects the direction of traffic and easily filters off internal generated traffic.
Advanced rules like price differentiating with respect to peak hours, maximum allowed band with or flat rate exceeds is easily configured into the Netlogger.


Easy installation

Unispeed Netlogger gives you precise information of your costumers traffic and content usage without installing a single piece of software to your web servers, thereby maintaining the performance of your service.

Netlogger Billing options

  • per volume
  • per download
  • per click
  • by network layer


  • Line rate capability
  • Out of Band
  • Single point of failure safe
  • Direct data base connectivity
With No impact on production network - Netlogger saves network resources and ability to plan ahead

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Last modified on May 22 2014