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The Unispeed Netlogger can substitute several software applications installed on routers, web servers and other network equipment - dramatically reducing the negative performance impact inflicted by these applications
The Netlogger can cater for real-time interaction and mediation between captured network traffic and data retrieved from costumer support systems.

Input methods and formats include:

  • Passive real-time capture of frames from Multiple  GbASE,10 GBASE  or 40 GBASE Ethernet.

  • Hardware accelerated channel merging for capture on GBASE and 10 GBASE Duplex links offering full 20 Gbit/s capability

  • Hardware accelerated pre filtering and load distribution to host memory for parallel processing using 2 tuple and 5 tuple sorted/unsorted hash algorithms up to 32 CPU cores

  • Replay and analysis / extract of stored PCAP and Raw IP files

  • Lookup from Internal and external data bases over ODBC

  • Binary data files (GeoIP)

  • CSV and common log files

Supported output methods include:

  • Internal and external data bases over ODBC

  • PCAP and Raw IP

  • Binary log files (CDR)

  • Extracted and reassembled log files (packet header and content files)

  • SCV and W3C log files

  • Streaming RTP/UDP with ntp and lawful ID number (Packet cable specs.)

  • Regular Ethernet forwarding / transmit

Netlogger Capability

On a single device

Web traffic analysis

  • > Extract and reassembly of 250.000 HTTP sessions per second

Billing and Traffic analysis

  • > 10 million packets pr. second

Geo Targeting

  • > 2 million location lookups pr. second

Netlogger applications

Network Security

Malware and Bot-net detection
Full payload - signature scanning
Data Protection - Anti Scraping
Service Attack - Dos - DDos
Checksum matching

IP Traffic Billing

Content billing
Advertising bill-back
Application differentiation

IP Traffic Analysis

Click stream analysis
Double coverage
Costumer profiling

Network Control

Quality of Service
Link analysis
Resource Planning

Geographic data

With the GeoIP module installed on the Netlogger valuable information about the origin of Internet traffic is feed into the data stream.
The information is used for optimisation of:
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Costumer profiling
  • Fraud protection
  • Internet security

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