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Business critical data protection

Protecting your corporate data and intellectual properties is a vital task for any corporation linked to the internet. No matter if data is leaked from the inside or your company is a victim of automated scraping, Netlogger can help you

Data Scraping

Scraping data from a web site is a growing problem for companies with on-line business, like travel agencies, dating sites or on-line directories. Several airlines are using data scraping to automatically compare their prices with competing carriers, making your own campaign ineffective.

If not protected any information that you post on your web site could easily be scraped and available on a competitors site in a few minutes.

Since scraping by nature is accepted by your network as a legal action, your protective measures will be unable to detect the malicious traffic. Adding to the damage arising from loss of data, many scraping techniques whether distributed or not consume large amount of band with and cause excessive delays for legitimate users. In consequence this could lead to unnecessary investments in more band with and server capacity.

Unispeed Netlogger monitors your traffic without being detectable on the network. The advanced rule based classifier distinguish normal traffic from scraping. Thresholds can be set to determine the level and sort of countermeasures desirably for each attack. When values for these thresholds are exceeded Netlogger will issue alarms and generate SNMP messages to block the malicious traffic. No matter how your network is attacked, Netlogger will remain unaffected and enable you to review the exact chain of events. This will enable you to refine the rule based classifier for even more precise threat mitigation.

Netlogger can be programmed to monitor and analyse the content your webservers transmit to the network. If the content is changed by malicious code and therefore does not match what the netlogger expect to se, alarms can be issued or the webservers can be directed to reinstall a backup image.

Passive sniffer technology ensures the integrity of your data. No matter how your network is atacked, netlogger will remain unaffected and enable you to recreate the exact chain of event and restore your data

Corporate policy enforcement

Most companies have set policies for their employees use of their corporate network and external connections, but very few have the equipment to control this traffic. Except from the large amount of time some employees spend writing private mails, instant messages or surfing the Internet, critical data and information could easily be disclosed via these channels. Furthermore certain web sites contain material which most companies would have little interest in having their employees viewing from their position at work.

One way to restrict this traffic is to block access to certain ports and services, however this method is neither effective nor desirable. Adding deep packet inspection to your outside lines will enable you to apply smart filters onto the content level and disclose unauthorized access to your company's critical data or financial information or disclosure of such information.

When Netlogger intercepts a violation of your corporate policy it will retain a copy of the original data flow to ensure the data is valid from a legal aspect.

Deep Packet Inspection

True Deep packet inspection enables the netlogger to search for and react upon strings found at any protocol level and all the way through the content data. When such data matches a predefined trigger or threshold the netlogger can be set to issue commands to

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion protection systems
  • Web Servers
  • Other Netloggers
or simply issue timely alerts to maintenance functions

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