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Blue Shield data retention probe

The Unispeed Blue Shield probes are designed to provide "out of band" interception capability to networks without interfering with the production equipment.
By design our Data Intercept Appliances consistently collect - mediates - and analyses data on full line-rate Duplex 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s links without packet loss.
The unparalleled remote processing capacity facilitates real-time data access, distillation and hand over - thus greatly reducing the need for massive data transfers to central data storage and preserving production network bandwidth.

Content of Communication (CC)

Interception of Content data is scheduled from the management interface.
The probes can filter traffic/targets from any packet header information (IP Address, Port, Mac Number, Vlan and even strings, patterns and signatures matched in the full packet payload - thus enabling targeting of E-mail addresses, Web-addresses and content of communication possible at full link speed

Call Data Retention(CDR)

The probes collects the Bi- directional Call Data or IRI and processes the data on the fly - The technique allows for as little as 22 byte of binary data being forwarded or stored for each session intercept – dramatically reducing the amount of data needed to be transported over the production network.
Remote extracts from stored IRI Call Data can be scheduled from the Management System and performed by the probe build-in mediation engine.
Such extracts are forwarded to the Management and Mediation System for correlation with CRM data before handover to the LEA in ETSI XML formats. CALEA compliant UDP/RTP handover is also supported.

End user identification

User identification is derived from IP-address, Client hardware address, circuit ID / Remote ID by intercepting and extracting the DHCP requests directly from the network and dynamic reconfiguration of target intercepts is available.

Open/Close section Layout duplex 10GBASE Probe

Open/Close section Layout multi GBASE Probe

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Mediation and Hand-over

All Unispeed Blue Shield probes are equipped with high performance data mediation and hand-over capability
Extracts from the proprietary compressed flat-file system outperforms any data base with a factor 10
The system carves through more than 1 billion record per second on a single core server.
The "State of the art" approach completely relieves the need for mediation platforms and central storage systems as each installed retention probe will assist the data management system in the mediation and hand over duties.

User identification

On NAT networks the Blue Shield probe is configured as a gateway and is responsible for the access control to the network hereby retrieving unique user identity.
Supported access methods include:
  • Secure login
  • Credit card verification
  • password via text message gateway

LI Probes

Unispeed produce customised Lawful interception probes for a variety of purposes
For more information please contact a Unispeed sales representative.

For optimal network connectivity

Unispeed recommend Optical splitters from Netoptics

For more information about Netoptics tabs please call a Unispeed representative.

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