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Network performance and optimization

Unispeed Network performance and optimization solution can help service providers monitor the traffic flow across their network.

Technology differentiators

Traffic composition monitoring is a key factor in controlling the usage across your network. Using deep packet inspection, Netlogger will provide you the most clear view of what is flowing through your network.
Quality of service is best monitored from the costumer point of view. Netlogger is doing this by checking each transmission for errors and retransmissions. It also monitors the response time for both http and SSL and the integrity of the content being transmitted from each of your web servers. Even when web servers are responding erroneously or not responding at all, or your costumer leaves a page before it is fully transmitted, Netlogger will log these events and give you a much more comprehensive performance analysis than relying on server monitor logs only.

In just a few minutes Netlogger will analyse your Network and deliver the documentation.

Network Resource planning

Aggregate and visualize the traffic exchanged across the Network with respect to:
  • Geographic origin
  • Port and protocol
  • Latency and response time
  • Application composition
  • And many more


  • Line rate capability
  • Out of Band
  • Single point of failure safe
  • Direct data base connectivity

With No impact on production network - Netlogger saves network resources and ability to plan ahead

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Last modified on May 22 2014