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Mass Surveillance

The Unispeed Mass Surveillance program is designed to perform intensive communication "surveillance, monitoring and evidence gathering" in situations where regulatory data retention and Lawful Interception does not provide for sufficient pro activeness, accuracy or trending to counter the challenges.

Unispeed Mass Surveillance provides real-time targeting and capture of mail correspondence, web visits, chat discussions and social network communication.

Our equipment offers unmatched flexibility in terms of tracking criminal activity on the network. Filters and thresholds can be applied at any protocol level including searching for strings in attachments, instant messages, file transfers etc. The generic trigger functionalities adds intelligence to Unispeed products as it allows the user to expand or redefine search patterns automatically.

Unispeed Interceptor

Intelligent targeting - help criminal investigators to stay ahead of the challenges

  • Capture and real-time process visits to web sites, mail accounts, chat rooms and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Arabchat etc.
  • Capture of traffic targeted and identified by patterns and strings in the full communication content (key words, credit card numbers, user credentials etc.
  • Real-time calculation and comparison of check sums from intercepted files and media (Videos, pictures or documents) with data previously identified due to the content. (Child pornography material, training and instructional videos and manuals or classified documents etc.)
  • Regular expression search in content of communication to identify malicious traffic, bot-nets and cyber attacks
  • Disclose and monitor new web sites, mail servers or chat rooms
  • Create statistics and trends including GEO analysis for high volume network traffic

Mass surveillance, Why?

Regulatory data retention as implemented in
most EU member states does not provide the tools
to effectively track radicalisation, pending
cyber attacks or exchange of illegal material
like child abuse media, and thereby preventing
law enforcement from timely intervention.
This is both unsatisfactory to the victims and
bears a high human and economical cost when
investigations are only initiated after the
damage is already done...

Unispeed Interceptor

Unispeed Netlogger/Interceptor

Offers unparalleled performance
when large data volumes are consistently
monitored. And is designed for:

Scalability and multi purposes

  • Duplex 10 GBps - 32 Mpps line-rate
  • Multiple Gigabit line-rate
  • Infinite clustering
  • Invisible / Tamper proof
  • Multiple target filter options
  • Real-time protocol reassembly
  • Minimum storage need with streaming hand over
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