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Lawful interception

  • Interception of communication and hand over to law enforcement is a native functionality build into all Unispeed probes and Bluegate gateway units
  • In todays converging networks a user is often assigned a temporary IP address making it almost impossible to target a specific IP address.
  • The Unispeed "Intelligent Targeting engine" provides for Lawful intercept to be provisioned using a variety of triggers including MAC-numbers, content strings, E-mail addresses, cookies, agent strings etc..
  • The system enables law enforcement to target users without precise knowledge about there whereabout or communication media, by triggering intercept from other information or habit patterns persistent to the user

Unispeed has developed solutions for lawful interception since year 2000. Our equipment offers unmatched flexibility in terms of tracking criminal activity on the network. Filters and thresholds can be applied at any protocol level including searching for strings in attachments, instant messages, file transfers etc. The generic trigger functionalities adds intelligence to Unispeed products as it allows the user to expand or redefine search patterns automatically.

Macro analysis for criminal investigators

  • Count and display visits to web sites, mail addresses or chat rooms
  • Analyse traffic flowing through the network with respect to volume and geographic origin
  • Disclose and monitor new web sites, mail servers or chat rooms
  • Create statistics and trends for network usage across ports and protocols
  • Generate check sum from intercepted files ( Video, pictures or documents) and compare the result with data previously identified due to the content. (Child porn pictures, training and instructional videos and manuals etc.)

Unispeed LI systems

Lawful interception goes hand in hand with data Retention.
Few systems however have the capacity to perform both tasks on the same equipment.


  • 10 GBps duplex line-rate
  • Multiple Gigabit line-rate
  • Infinite clustering


  • Invisible / Tamper proof
  • Quick integration
  • Low maintenance
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