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Blue Shield - Regulatory data retention for:

  • Government organisations and Internet and Communication Service providers
  • Fully scalable and flexible Data retention and lawful inspection solution for the toughest requirements
  • Fully centralised control of an unlimited number of Data acquisition probes - Gateway units and data mediation servers
  • Blue Shield seamlessly provision data capture, real-time protocol extract and data mining on distributed probes
  • Combine data retention - network provisioning - malware detection and create new revenue streams from your costumers with Netlogger add-ons

Integrated Gateway and remote data acquisition system

  • The industry's only stand-alone gateway for ad-hoc, corporate and guest networks, ensures that intelligence is collected and threats are controlled on any critical remote location.
  • Guest login and customer landing page management
  • Network management, high speed routing and comprehensive firewall
  • Multi-mode - Dynamic traffic shaping, data filtering/blocking
  • User activity monitoring, display and recording
  • Integrated regulatory IP-DR, E-mail and VOIP intercept and retention, with industry leading data compression
  • Integrated data Retrieval and Hand over with industry leading query performance
  • Lawful intercept and streaming handover

Encryption devices - 100% hardware - high speed - Low latency

Carrier grade data encryption systems with best of breed security and performance.
  • Gigabit and 10Gbit - Layer2 and Layer3 encryption
  • Link-speed throughput - ultra low latency
  • Key randomness verified with dieharder test suite
  • Protection against IV and replay attacks
  • Inherent protected key storage
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NetOptics products enable you to passively tap into your network
NetOptics offers 100% visibility without ever introducing a point of failure.
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Mass surveillance

Governments and Law enforcement organisations are faced with multiple challenges, when collecting security intelligence on fast growing networks.
The unparalleled processing capacity of Unispeed systems, facilitates data acquisition and data filtering for both cyber security and predictive criminal analysis, together with data intercept for traditional law enforcement and data retention.
Thus greatly reducing the footprint of deployed systems.

Data control - Cyber defence

The growing complexity of the Internet and the advanced threats it carries, poses another challenge to governments and organisations.
Unispeed's in-line data control appliances delivers the capability to block and filter traffic based on a variety of discriminators:
  • URL/URI, IP-addresses and ranges
  • Data content and regular expressions
  • Complex filters for cyber threats
With a port density of 24 x 10Gbit or 100Gbit on a single appliance.
The lowest footprint in the industry is acheived!
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Unified Retention - Mediation - Hand-over technology

Simplifying the Data retention and hand-over process is a main driver for Unispeed's development team.
Too many systems are not properly architectured for the task leading to complex installations with large overheads and costly burden to the production network
Unispeed CDR probes handles all processes on a single platform.
  • Packet capture and IP-CDR generation
  • Log indexing and compression
  • Correlation with dhcp and user data
  • Data extract and Hand-over

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