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GEO Targeting

With the GeoIP module installed on the Netlogger valuable information about the origin of Internet traffic is feed into the data stream.
The information is used for optimisation of:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Costumer profiling
  • Fraud protection
  • Internet security
  • Macro analysis for criminal investigation

Unispeed GeoIP Solutions

Can accelerate this process by multiple times.
Geographic lookup is available both on the packet level
primarily in connection with Dos/DDos attack recognition
and on the reassembled session level for statistical and web analysis solutions.


Netlogger FT

The Netlogger can substitute several software applications installed on routers, web servers and other network equipment - dramatically reducing the negative performance impact inflicted by these applications
The Netlogger can cater for real-time interaction and mediation between captured network traffic and data retrieved from costumer support systems.

Netlogger Capability

On a single device

Web traffic

  • > 250.000 HTTP sessions pr. second

Billing and Traffic analysis

  • > 10 million packets pr. second

Geo Targeting

  • > 2 million location lookups pr. second

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