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Unispeed Bluegate

The Unispeed Bluegate is designed to provide full gateway control combined with data retention and Lawful interception.
The gateway probe substitutes all network equipment ie. Router - Firewall - DHCP server - Traffic shaper and regulatory data logging equipment and storage and integrates all components into one easy maintainable unit.
  • High availability NAT/Router
  • DHCP server and DNS caching
  • Highly configurable Firewall with support for most tunnelling options
  • Bandwidth control and QOS -
  • Traffic shaping and Content filtering
  • Access server, user management and Guest landing page
  • Traffic analysis and billing
  • Regulatory data retention (IRI) - IP call data, E-mail and VOIP headers
  • Lawful intercept (CC) - IP, E-mail, Content strings
  • Call data mediation and extraction
  • Storage and backup

Content of Communication (CC)

Interception of Content data is scheduled from the management interface.
The probes can filter traffic/targets from any packet header information (IP Address, Port, Mac Number and even strings found in the content
Intercepted data is continously uploaded to storage or directly to LEA in ETSI or CALEA formats.

Call Data Retention (CDR)

The Gateway probe collects the Bi- directional Call Data or IRI and processes the data on the fly - The technique allows for as little as 22 byte of binary data being output and stored for each data transmission
Extracts from Call Data, e-mail and VOPI headers is scheduled from the management interface and performed by the probe itself.
Extracted data is automatically uploaded to the LEA in ETSI XML or CSV formats. CALEA compliant streaming UDP/RTP handover is also supported.

End user identification (EUI)

User identification is derived from IP-address, Client hardware address, circuit ID / Remote ID or VOIP telephone number by intercepting and extracting the DHCP requests or applicable protocol headers directly from the network.


Blue Shield can work as a "stand alone" Gateway unit or in conjunction with existing equipment in bridge or passive mode.
The Gateway probe integrates with the Blue Shield gateway system. However all functionality can be managed directly on the probe.


For schools, Libraries and Company networks where regulatory data retention is not required, Unigate provides
  • Seamless network configuration
  • Quality of Service
  • Company social Responsibility with content filtering

User identification

On open NAT networks the Gateway probe is configured to provide user identification and access control to the network hereby retrieving unique user identity.
Supported access methods include:
  • Secure login
  • Credit card verification
  • Password via text message gateway

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