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Regulatory Data retention

The EU Directive 2006/24/EC is becoming law across European Union member countries.
The purpose of the Data Retention act is to collect, store and provision Intercept Related Information (IRI) and make it readily available to law enforcement agencies in a standardised format.
Unispeed Interceptor Differences in size, network topologies and routing equipment poses different challenges to the data retention solution.
The Unispeed CDR turn key solution is designed with this in mind and comprises tree different data collecting methods.
Best of breed data compression and data retrieval performance.
  • The Unispeed BLUE SHIELD IP-CDR system is an affordable turn-key solution designed to make life easy for Network operators and telecommunication service Providers. No matter the source the system will collect and mediate data in a single high performance process.
  • The BLUE SHIELD IP-CDR system can work in passive mode collecting and mediating raw Ethernet packets delivered from network tabs or mirror/span ports.
  • The BLUE SHIELD IP-CDR system can work in bridge or gateway mode where span ports are unavailable or the network requires unique user authentication to be handled by the system (Unispeed Bluegate).
  • With "flow data" available from the routing equipment the BLUE SHIELD IP-CDR system will accept and mediate netflow 5, 9 and 10 (IPFIX) data frames and convert them into CDR records in a single process.
  • Scalability is a key element in Unispeed's systems - All data retention probes has the unique ability to store and retrieve data locally. This ensures that both data retention and data retrieval capacity scales equally as the network grows. It also means that costly central data warehouses can be avoided.
  • The unique IP-CDR compression and indexing system considerably reduces storage needs by compressing log files to 1/10 compared to similar systems (7 byte per record)
  • The industry leading data provision and retrieval systems carves through billions of records in a matter of seconds.

Unmatched Performance

Unispeed Data retention systems utilises hardware accelerated packet capture technology.
With almost zero CPU load Duplex 10 GBit ( 32 million pps ) is delivered to the host memory.
The architecture ensures that any fully utilised link can be tapped and data retention performed using only a single device.
Capture of Net-flow 5, 9 and 10 (IPFIX) and DHCP data from multiple sources is integrated in each probe. This allows for collecting call data where probing the network is impractical.


Unispeed Data retention devices consistently delivers more than 500.000 records per second with more than 10 million concurrent sessions in memory.
Storing the CDR records in Unispeed proprietary log format significantly reduces the storage requirement
No data transfers to mediation system or central data repository is required, as both can be handled by each retention device remotely.

Blue Shield solution

Pushing the boundaries

Allthough much information for regulartory data retention is available in the Service Providers billing platforms and CRM Data Ware House the information is seldom precise nor adequate for data retention purposes, and in particular the security and capacity of such systems may have serious pitfalls that will render both functionalities useless

Unispeed Blue Shield

Is designed with a maximum focus on these issues - so as to keep the pressure off the production systems.
Any component in The blue Shield system is therefore capable of Lawful interception, Data retention and Mediation of data before either storing the data or forwarding distilled data to the storage components.
All components has wire tapping capability and will retreive DHCP requests, syslogs, smtp, pop3, Imap and VOIP headers directly from the network if required. Such information can be correlated with user identity data, cell data etc. from various CRM sources either remotely or via the mediation function using standard interfaces.
The system is designed to allow for installations where retention, mediation / handover and storage is performed where it creates a a minimum of load on the production system.

Handover Interfaces

  • ETSI compliant
  • HI1 Administration
  • HI2 IRI Handover
  • HI3 Handover - LI(CC) - MAIL(CC) - VOIP(CC)


The Unispeed BLUE SHIELD system offer the costumer the opportunity to combine data retention solutions with add value solutions and monitoring for their networks.
  • Check-sum match on child porn material
  • Malware and Bot-net detection
  • Illigal gaming site and file sharing detection
  • Network statistics and "fair sharing" aggregation

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