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Blue Shield

  • The Unispeed BLUE SHIELD system is designed for Governments organisations, Network operators and telecommunication service providers to provide interception capabilities in their networks for persons under surveillance at any level.
Unispeed Interceptor Unispeed Blue Shield Probes captures and process IP-CDR in a single process from any fully loaded network.
Our Mediation system accepts and correlates data from CDR probes, Netflow or IPFIX from routers and DHCP data from available sources.
No matter the source the system provides industry leading data compression and retrieval capacity, and greatly reduces storage needs.
  • Scalability is a key element in Unispeed's systems - All data retention probes has the unique ability to store and retrieve data locally. This ensures that both data retention and data retrieval capacity scales equally as the network grows. It also means that costly central data warehouses can be avoided.
  • The unique IP-CDR storage and retrieval system developed by Unispeed saves storage needs by compressing log files to 1/10 compared to similar systems (7 byte per record)
    It is also one of the fastest systems in the industry - Each server carves through billions of records in a matter of seconds
  • The Unispeed Blue Shield system provides these basic functionalities and adds several tools for Lawful interception, Cyber defence, Network availability and Security monitoring. Blue Shield solution

The challenge of data retention

  • Telecom operators and Internet service providers are faced with the challenges of both data retention and lawful interception - Now add to this the complex nature of the Internet where a target under surveillance can masquerade his identity using one or more available NAT networks - the linkage between the captured traffic and the user identity becomes a tedious job.
  • The Unispeed Blue Shield System solves the challenge by combining mass interception capability on transit routes with a unique Gateway System that provides both user tracking and interception capability where the customer connects to the Internet, and exchange such information across the system
  • The Unispeed BLUE SHIELD system offer the costumer the opportunity to combine anti-terror solutions with add value solutions for their networks.
  • Link utilisation and traffic statistics
  • Lawful interception
  • Deep packet inspection
  • String, HEX and Regex matching

Handover Interfaces

  • ETSI compliant
  • HI1 negotiation
  • HI2 mediation
  • HI3 streaming
Blue Shield manager

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