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Blue Shield - Guest network retention and control system

  • Being the most widely deployed solution for Hotels, Housing cooperatives, universities, Sporting arenas and harbours:
  • Unispeed Blue Shield provides a cost effective solution for Suppliers of Infrastructure to the hospitality sector
  • Controlling and unlimited number of Unispeed Bluegates - all network configuration, monitoring, data retention and Lawful intercept is managed and supervised from the central system

Offering the highest degree of system automation and added service functionality

  • Automated system wide probe registration
  • Automated secure log transfers
  • System wide Provisioning of IP data retaining and lawful intercept
  • ETSI compliant HI1, HI2, HI3 hand over interfaces and CALEA compliant CC hand over
  • Flexible access control and billing administration
  • Automated maintenance alert system with text message push
  • Centralised management of FW, NAT, DHCP, upnp, smtp-relay, VPN ect.
  • Multiple traffic shaping and bandwidth management options
  • Provisions for advertising bill-back and traffic statistics.

The Unispeed BLUE SHIELD system provides central configuration, monitoring, and security for the deployed gateways.
Blue Shield solution

Gateway monitoring system

On open networks where the nomadic nature of the Internet user and dynamic allocation of IP-addresses to multiple devises, precise correlation between call data and User identity has proven a delicate task. Unispeed has solved this task by integrating all required network services - with the Blue Shield Call Data Retention and Lawful intercept system into one Stand-alone gateway unit.
  • Probe monitoring
  • Probe management
  • Log job Management
  • Software Update distribution

Handover Interfaces

  • ETSI compliant
  • HI1 negotiation
  • HI2 mediation
  • HI3 streaming


UniSpeed Bluegate overview and use cases

Bluegate capabilities brief

Bluegate data retention and lawful intercept modules

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