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The Technology developed by Unispeed over the last decade is the result of an intensive focus on performance, usability and flexibility.
Not many other products within network sniffing and deep packet inspection offers the same high performance while capturing, analysing and forwarding extracted data in one turn - without loss of packets.
The ability to real-time processing of network packets on fully utilised duplex network links, and what's even so important at any realistic packet size, on a single platform, enables the customer to create reliable network retention and monitoring solutions which are less complex, easier to maintain and offers the highest work flow visibility in the industry.
Unispeed has developed solutions to handle the tough requirements of the busiest networks in the world. Government organisations and leading Internet providers already rely on and benefit from our products.

Unispeed Core Competences

  • Parallel processing on multi-core platform
  • Real-time processing and performance tuning
  • Algorithms for massive data-sets
  • In depth knowledge about Networks and Protocols

Corporate headquarter:
Unispeed A/S
Hoerkaer 14, 1
DK-2730 Herlev

Phone: +45 40 54 54 80
CVR (EU Vat) 2545 7412

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